Behind the scenes video of Sid getting an acting job

By Jeremy Bell, in All Communities

Our “Got Time for That” TV ad (below) required some serious acting skills. We were lucky enough to connect with the super talented (and also a local resident) Donna de Kuyper who played our lead actress for the spot.

To complement Donna’s quirky and fun lead character, we needed a supporting actor who was up for the challenge. After much convincing from his relentless agent, we decided to go with Sid, a little white Maltese dog. Although he’s new to the acting scene, Sid did a bang up job. Check out the behind the scenes video above to see what his agent went through to get him the gig.

Below is the final TV ad featuring Donna as a happy owner of a new Kincade home (a new house that’s energy efficient and helps saves her time and money), along with Sid acting like a girl.